Each training course is designed to be as informative as possible. But sometimes, you may find a few hiccups in the code. If you find a video that won't play, a grammar error, or if you think there is something wrong with a certain card, then here is how you can tell us.

Each card has five elements on the screen: a question mark, a progress bar, a snippet of text or a video, an exit button, and a continue button.

To report a problem, click the question mark that is located on the top left corner of each card. A window will pop up with a box that you can use to send us feedback.

Alternatively, at the end of each course, there is a card that will allow you to rate the lesson and leave feedback. Click the stars to rate the lesson. Above the "Next Lesson" button, you will find a link that says "LEAVE FEEDBACK." Clicking on the link will show you the same popup window that you would see if you clicked the question mark.

Remember, we love hearing from you—especially if you think we could be doing something better.

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