In some, rare cases, apprenticeships are deemed unsuccessful because mentors feel that the performance was subpar or unsatisfactory.

If this happens, you should first contact the business and try to work things out. Usually, the reason why a certificate isn't released is because there are still pending deliverables or there was a misunderstanding somewhere along the road. Try to clear things up and get the business to release your certificate.

If that doesn't work and you feel that you are deserving of one, then prepare documentation of your work—such as proof of your tasks and outputs—and send it to our Student Success Team. Also, if you consistently gave your mentor reviews, that can help us track what went wrong. 

You can also email, explaining your case and submitting your work. After we have received all the requirements, we will review your case and decide if you have done enough work to receive a certificate, which we can issue from our end.

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