It depends on what you want to learn. We cannot give you specific responsibilities that you will definitely have, but here are some things you might be doing:

1. Designing social media posts, ads, and more

As a marketer, everyone has to do a bit of design. Even if you aren't the best at it, try following some nice Instagram accounts, some Pinterest boards, and other places where you can find some design inspiration. Also try using Canva, just to see what it's like.

2. Search engine optimizing content

Search engine optimization itself isn't hard. Searching for keywords, link building, and optimizing content is however a lot of work. If you're a beginner, do some research so that you're at least familiar with the terms.

3. Using certain marketing tools

All marketers have their favorite tools—your mentor will be impressed if you know how to use or are familiar with at least one. Do your research on the top marketing tools and read a little on how to use each of them.

4. Writing content for the business

Quality content is becoming more important than ever in the digital world. Your mentor will definitely see your potential if you can write quality content.

5. Handling social media

Different social media platforms have different user demographics. Some products are better promoted on one site than the other. Read up on the different social media platforms so that you can contribute to discussions about them, if they arise.

6. Implementing email campaigns

Email is one of the most effective customer engagement tools. Learning email marketing is definitely invaluable.

7. Doing e-commerce marketing

Some of the businesses on GenM are e-commerce platforms. Since you want to learn digital marketing, if you're a beginner, it'll be nice to do some research on this before jumping into your apprenticeship.

Remember, you can always check out our training courses for basic marketing strategies and tactics.

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