Follow the tips below to build a strong profile:

1. Profile Photo

Upload a professional photo. Properly curating a profile picture reflects your level of professionalism. People are predominantly visual, so profile pictures can make or break impressions. Tips: 

  • Choose a photo that clearly shows your face
  • Do not add filters or text to your photo
  • Make sure that you’re the only person in the picture

2. Full Name 

Put in your full name (first and last name). Keep things professional and make a good impression on potential mentors!

3. Employment

If you have a job you can enter your role and employer in this section, otherwise check the other selection.

4. Looking for Experience

What areas do you want to improve when it comes to Digital Marketing? Select all options that apply, although we don't suggest selecting more than 3 to 5 options to help our algorithm show you the right matches. You can change this at anytime.

5. About Me

Invest in your About Me section because it gives both businesses and GenM a quick look at what you can offer and what you are looking for. This makes it easier for matching and being shortlisted. What you can include: 

  • Write a short bio (previous studies, work experience, etc.).
  • Include information about what you want to learn.
  • Include information about your interests.
  • Check for typos, grammatical errors, punctuations, etc. 

6. Top 3 Marketing Tools 

Make sure you tell us about your top 3 marketing skills. Like your profile, it gives potential mentors and the GenM team a quick view of what you can do, for easier matching.

Note: It's fine if you are not familiar with many marketing tools, knowing how to work with documents and sheets is already a good starting point. GenM's goal is to help you learn more skills, regardless of your starting point.

7. Education

Are you in school? If so you can fill this section, otherwise you can skip it. This section is not mandatory.

8. Resume

This section isn't mandatory, but it's a great idea to upload your resume. To upload your resume, make sure its in PDF format and no bigger than 5MB in size.

9. Country

Use the location finder to add your country flag to your profile. This will help us show you the best businesses depending on where you're from. 

10. Languages

Enter the languages you speak here in order of most fluent to least fluent. While only one language is mandatory, you can add up to three.

11. Industries

There are thousands of businesses available on our platform, meaning that you have a lot of industries to choose from. Select up 10 industries so that we can try and show you businesses that may be a good fit for you and vice versa.

12. Interests

Businesses operate over a multitude of industries, and, most of the time, your interests help in getting you into a suitable apprenticeship. When you have interests in common with a prospective mentor it’s a good indication that the apprenticeship can be a success. However, interests do not affect or define your qualifications.

GenM builds professional relationships. It’s important that you work with someone you get along with, not just professionally, but also at a personal level.

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