The quick answer is no, you do not need to have any experience to land an apprenticeship. The goal is to learn and practice digital marketing by doing. Rather than mere classroom learning, your studies will be supplemented by hands-on experience and focused mentorship. In exchange for your hours, you learn more through practice.

Some businesses may prefer students with some existing skills but we have thousands of businesses looking for apprentices on GenM - As long as you're eager and proactive, you will find a match even with little or no experience.

If you have no previous experience in marketing, we highly recommend spending the first week or two of your apprenticeship getting properly on-boarded and familiarized with different resources to gain more confidence. Don't be afraid to ask your mentor for help.

To ensure a better apprenticeship, we recommend that you tell your future mentor about your experiences in the digital marketing field and what you are capable of. This will help your mentors prepare better tasks for you, based on your skill level, strengths, and possible weaknesses. Your aim is to gain work experience, complete the apprenticeship, and be hired or recommended.

That is not to say that you should do nothing to improve your skills on your own. We highly encourage students to take the free training courses offered right here on the GenM platform. The lessons will help you understand basic marketing principles and practices that can help you with your tasks. Having a little background knowledge, if not experience, will supplement your apprenticeship and maximize your learning.

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