GenM is a marketplace that promotes free learning. Our goal is to make sure that all of our students have easy access to education, no matter where they are in the world. Additionally, we love connecting our students to amazing, qualified mentors that they wouldn't have access to, otherwise. As such, we have three very important violations that all students must take note of:

  1. Not showing up for a meeting. If you and your potential mentor agree upon a date to talk and discuss certain matters, then you need to show up. Not showing up for a meeting shows that you are either not serious about the apprenticeship or have no time.
  2. Ghosting a mentor. If you suddenly disappear in the middle of your apprenticeship, it will result in automatic account deletion.
  3. Asking for compensation. If you ask for compensation, salary, or pay, for whatever reason, from your mentor, then you will be removed from our marketplace permanently. If your mentor initiates talks of providing compensation for overtime, then that is not against our policies. So long as you don't initiate talks of compensation, then you are not violating any of our policies. More info on this policy can be found here.

Please take note doing any of the aforementioned actions will result in the deletion of your account and a permanent ban from re-entering our marketplace.

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