Working with multiple Apprenticeships is an amazing opportunity to level up your marketing goals, either by having your Students collaborate on projects or by working on several channels simultaneously!

How can I get an additional apprentice?

Great question. It's actually really easy! Go through your regular flow of sourcing out a Student, and when you're ready to start the Apprenticeship you can send them a contract. As soon as you click to send the contract out, you'll be prompted to make a one-time payment of $267 to work with an additional Apprentice for 3 months.

Is there a limit to how many Apprenticeships I can have at one time?

You can work with as many Students as you like, and we do have some recommendations about how to do this effectively:

  • Stagger your starts! The first few weeks of ramping up an Apprenticeship can take a little extra time on your part to make sure your Student is caught up with your tasks and you're communicating well. We suggest starting your additional Apprenticeship after you've had a couple of weeks to settle in.
  • Prep your marketing tasks first. To make sure you have work for your Student, and that you can make the most of your time together, plan out what each Apprenticeship will involve before you being your next search. You can always tweak the plan, and you'll be more successful at finding a match with a clear vision of the skills you're looking for 💪
  • Check your schedule. Block out the anticipated time you'll need each week to work with your Students and make sure you can juggle that with your other tasks. If you can give your Students the time they need to help you effectively, they'll be more productive throughout your Apprenticeship!

Still have questions about working with multiple Apprenticeships? Reach out to our support team through the blue chat bubble to the right 👉

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