How many tasks can I have open at one time?

Each business can have up to 5 open tasks at any time!  

How many subjects can I assign to each task?

Each task can have up to 4 subjects (eg. social media, content marketing, paid ads). You assign the subjects by clicking on the topics here:

Can I post/edit/view my tasks on the mobile app?

Currently, micro-tasking is only available on the desktop version. Keep an eye out for updates 🧐

Can students who respond to tasks already be in an apprenticeship?

Yes, any Student can work on micro-tasks. Micro-tasks are an awesome way to learn new skills that might not be the focus of a current apprenticeship. Students can also be in more than one apprenticeship, which make this a great opportunity to find someone with experience!

How do I end a task?

Click "Edit Task" beside the task you'd like to close. Then, click "Close task" at the bottom!

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