Micro-tasking is a brand new feature that empowers Businesses to post smaller scale marketing tasks and receive submissions from Students! From the submissions, Businesses can select which they like best or feels meets their needs  👏

With Micro-tasking, you can:

  • get quick additional support with your day-to-day marketing tasks
  • use the submissions as a means to preview the quality of Student work and meet candidates for Apprenticeships
  • review submissions to other Members' posts in order to find promising Student candidates!

Businesses also get to rate these submissions! This provides Students in the marketplace with an understanding of what kind of work aligns with their company's vision and initiatives. This way, Businesses can continue to receive more targeted submissions to their tasks! 

For Students, Micro-tasking helps them get feedback on their work and build tangible marketing skills to contribute to their portfolio before entering an Apprenticeship 🤝

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