This depends on whether you feel comfortable enough to take on the tasks you might be assigned during an apprenticeship. Remember, while you will get training from the businesses, you will still be expected to provide a basic level of understanding of some marketing practices—just to show that you're serious about your career and that you can do your research. Some advantages to taking courses before starting an apprenticeship are:

  1. You get to explore the areas of Digital Marketing that interest you. There are so many different areas of marketing that you can dive into through our free training courses. Learning a bit about each area can help you narrow down your focus while you're searching for a Mentor!
  2. You will gain basic knowledge to prepare you for your apprenticeship. Mentors often appreciate when their students have a basic understanding of marketing concepts. Coming into the apprenticeship ready to learn tangible skills will help you streamline the process and get right into the tasks.
  3. You get to earn XP points and show potential mentors that you know your stuff! Each time you complete a course, you earn points. You can show mentors your XP points to verify that you know your stuff 💪

The business you work with will definitely help you learn these things, but in a more practical, fast-paced setting. Since the training courses are accessible at all times, you can refer to them any time you feel the need to brush up on your skills or just learn something new.

There’s also a secret bonus course that unlocks when you start an apprenticeship and it’s called “Soft Skills." We suggest to check that out if you're in an apprenticeship.

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