GenM apprenticeships are unpaid. Students enter apprenticeships to gain work experience, build a portfolio, get referrals, and attain our hands-on certification.

We strictly prohibit solicitation of paid work. Our goal is to help students gain meaningful experiences from mentors they otherwise wouldn't have access to. You cannot ask for paid work or offer your services for a fee, as this violates our terms. Asking for money for any rendered work or tasks will result in immediate removal of your profile from the marketplace and a ban from the platform.

Proactively asking for a job even before the apprenticeship starts is in turn asking for a guaranteed paid position and can also be considered in violation of our policy and will also result in immediate removal from the platform.

In some cases, businesses will offer students compensation to work additional hours during the apprenticeship. While this is not a violation of our terms, students should never initiate talks of compensation during the apprenticeship. Talks of receiving compensation for overtime while the apprenticeship is ongoing should only be initiated by the business.

Additionally, while it is not allowed to ask for compensation, many apprenticeships lead to a direct hire or referral. We are super excited when this happens since this is why we created GenM in the first place. It’s also fine to ask the business if the apprenticeship can lead to a job upon completion near the end of the apprenticeship period.  Which means, a student can only ask if this will lead to a job within the third month of the Apprenticeship period, and not before.

If you wish to learn more about any relevant labour laws concerning our business practices and apprenticeship program, you can talk to us through our chat support system, and we will gladly walk you through our model and the regulations we follow. We're an education company, so our ultimate goal is to help students land successful careers through hands-on experience.

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