1. Create a stellar profile

A great profile will help you attract the right people to your GenM profile. A strong profile means you will receive more messages and opportunities from high quality businesses. 

2. Complete programs

There are always thousands of students on GenM looking for apprenticeships. If you want to stand out from the competition, you should complete GenM programs. Some businesses prefer students with basic skills. Fortunately, you can improve your skills and knowledge by taking GenM courses and earning XP. The best part about it? Classes are free! Let businesses know that you've completed GenM programs and that you're ready to get some hands-on experience.

3. Tell businesses what you can do

Your profile showcases what you can do. Business owners select their apprentices based on what they can offer. Use your profile to feature your resume, experience, interests and your skills. If you can link your resume or other sample works then better. Last but not least, make sure to write a polished and descriptive bio.

4. Get a verified profile

Business owners will be able to see a badge on your profile once verified. Being verified will also help you rank higher in Discovery. Complete this quiz  so you can get your verified badge. 

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