Looking to take a break from working with us? Pausing your account allows you to remain a member and temporarily avoid any charges while you take some time away from the platform 🏖

You can pause your account for a maximum of 4 months at a time. Once you've set your account to pause, no further charges will occur to the credit card on file for the duration you selected. Keep in mind, you won’t be able to message any students while your account is paused unless they are currently an apprentice of yours. 

When the pause duration ends, the account will be reactivated, but you will not be billed if there is 1 or more credits in the account. You will then have 3 fresh months to find a student before being billed again. 

If your account is paused with 0 credits, you will be billed after the pause duration ends. You can also resume your membership anytime during the pause if you wish to return to the platform early.

Steps to pause your account: 

  1. Login on desktop
  2. Click your picture icon at the bottom left of your messages page
  3. Click Settings

    4. Select the Billing tab  

    5. Select your pause duration
    6. Click “Pause Membership”

    7. Follow the pop-up prompts, including letting us know why you're pausing the       account, and complete the pause process!

If you'd like to have your account paused for longer than the allocated time selected, please reach out to a business support representative by contacting us through the help section or the blue chat bubble to the right 👉

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