As a student, we recommend starting with one apprenticeship until you're comfortable with the workload. Each apprenticeship lasts about 10 hours a week, each week, for 3 months. Maximize your current apprenticeship before accepting another labour contract. You'll develop your skills best by being fully invested in each apprenticeship and completing your tasks with high quality results!

Eventually, you may take up to four apprenticeships at the same time, but you need to first make sure you have enough time. Here are some questions to consider before deciding whether taking on an additional apprenticeship is the right move for you:

  • Are you able to manage your time effectively? Now that you've been working or have worked with one apprenticeship, do you feel you could block off enough time in your schedule to successfully work with another business? 
  • Are there any opportunities in your current apprenticeship that you could be pursuing? Doing every task with excellence and showing initiative will encourage your mentor to give you more responsibility and teach you additional skills.
  • Do you have any upcoming commitments or events? We all have busy lives, and when we commit to an apprenticeship we need to show up for our mentors! If you've got events coming up that might impact your ability to complete your 10 hours per week for each apprenticeship, then wait a bit before signing another contract.

Taking on several apprenticeships without a good grasp of your workflow and ability to manage work and personal time could end up being troublesome. 

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