More than half of GenM users share us with their communities and it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Let us guide you through all the steps in achieving referrals, getting free credits, and ultimately: free lifetime access.

Here’s why others have joined the referral program:

  • Achieve lifetime access to grow your company and your income while creating jobs
  • Change the life of other business owners by helping them find marketing talent
  • Provide marketing students an opportunity to learn, practice and successfully compete in today’s job market

This is how to get started (it's easy!)

STEP ONE Grab your unique referral link (everyone with a GenM account will have one.) Visit to get your link.

It will look like this:

STEP TWO Now that you have your link, you’re are all set to start sharing!  Don't you wish someone would have introduced you to GenM earlier?! Save your referral link and share it via email, message, through social media or in your blog. 

Now you might think, "who am I going to share it with?”  How about your friends and relatives? If they don't have business, they surely know someone who will benefit from GenM. How about your favourite local businesses? Maybe that bakery you buy croissants every morning from, the car mechanic who saves your car every time something breaks, or the online store you buy your organic soap from?  The possibilities are endless!

BONUS Some suggestions for easy ways to share your link:

  • Share your referral link with a list of emails + include a personal note expressing what you like about the GenM platform and how it could benefit them.
  • Share your referral link in a social media post.
  • Include your link in your next email newsletter. 
  • If you blog, write about your experience with your GenM apprentice and include your referral link to share the experience.
  • Add your link to your email subject line.
  • Educate Quora and Reddit communities about the GenM program by sharing your referral link in topics dedicated to business or digital marketing

Do you need help with writing referral email or social media post? Check out some copy-paste samples here.

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