At the end of an apprenticeship, you have the opportunity to award your apprentice for the hard work and dedication they've shown you over the past 3 months by giving them an Apprenticeship Certification!

Here are the steps to issue your certificate:

  1. Click the chat bubble on the right hand menu to open your Chat page
  2. Under Apprentices, click the apprentice to whom you'll be giving the certificate
  3. Click the blue "Certificate" button in the top right corner of the chat:
  4. Click "Issue Certificate"
  5. Write a reference for the Student based on their time as your Apprentice
  6. Click "Issue Certificate" again

Because of Cyber Security Laws, we aren't able to extend an Apprenticeship for longer than 3 months through our platform.

If you do wish to continue working with your apprentice, we'd encourage you to pay them on your own accord. You could bring them on as a freelance digital marketer, contract worker or hire them as an employee!

We have a student marketplace full of students who would love to learn from your experience. Now that you've successfully completed one Apprenticeship, you can find a new apprentice to share your skills and knowledge with 👏

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