Apprentices work directly with you on your digital marketing. They are not freelancers, so they are not going to invent goals and implement strategies to lead your marketing team and grow your business exponentially. If you're looking for that, we have experienced freelancers that start at $20/hour.

Here are some ideas to task your apprentice on:

  1. Content marketing/SEO

Task your apprentice with writing blog posts for your blog. Your blog should already be built, and you should be able to provide technical and creative direction.

2. Social Media
Task your apprentice with creating posts for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If your accounts aren't already set up, they can create them for you. If they are set up, make sure you provide them with usernames and passwords in a timely manner.

3. Research
Task your apprentice with a preliminary research project. You should let them know what you're looking to learn and how the information should be presented.

4. Managing Forums
If you have a community for your customers, your apprentice can monitor the posts and make sure that customers get responses. Remember that your apprentice has a cap of 10 hours per week, so don't expect immediate responses all hours of the day.

5. Posting in communities
One of the most effective early marketing channels for early startups and small businesses is posting in online communities where your customers aggregate. Look for these communities in Slack groups, Facebook groups, Quora, Reddit, Job boards, Email lists, and Affiliates, to name a few. You can task your apprentice with collecting leads or getting signups by posting about your product or service in these communities.

6. Anything else digital marketing related
These are just some ideas from our most repetitive apprenticeship topics. Digital marketing is a broad field and students may offer help in other niches such as analytics, design, influencer outreach just to name a few. What ultimately matters is that both yourself and the student are in a win-win arrangement. Make sure to ask them if they are happy with your proposed agenda.

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