Here are the top reasons why apprentices quit early:

  1. Lack of communication from the business

If you go days or weeks without talking to your apprentice, they're going to find something else to do.

Solution: Contact your apprentice every single day. This may sound like a lot, but if you had an assistant, would you go days or weeks without talking to them?

2. Lack of follow up from the business
If you don't follow up to check how your apprentice is doing on their task, or if they finished their task, they're going to feel that their work is meaningless. They will eventually leave.

Solution: Always follow up with tasks and deadlines.

3. Lack of mentorship and guidance from the business
The apprentice is not getting paid. If you don't provide value back to them, they will leave. There are hundreds of other business owners on GenM willing to provide valuable feedback and guidance to GenM students.

Solution: Schedule a 30 minute weekly phone call to provide feedback and guidance to your apprentice and answer any questions they have about a career in marketing.

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