Before you start looking for an Apprentice, you'll need to set up a profile to show GenM Students what skills you can teach them during an apprenticeship and share a bit about your business. 

Navigate to your profile

1. Start by logging into your GenM account, navigating to your dashboard, and clicking on the circular face icon in the bottom left corner and select "View Profile". 

2. Click on the red "Edit Profile" button to begin editing the information in your profile.

Create an outstanding profile

Let's break down each section of your profile and outline our best tips for standing out from the crowd!

The Profile Photo

The first thing a Student looks at on your profile is your photo. Using a professional photo helps show your credibility, and smiling shows that you're friendly and approachable!

Position & Business Name

What is your position and business name?

This section is pretty straight-forward - what's your role in the Business, and what's the name of your company.

Career Accomplishments

What are your top 3 business & career accomplishments?

Here we're looking at what you've done in your career or your Business. What are you proud of and what showcases the skills that you've honed through your experience?

Tip: Use simple, concise points to focus on what makes you unique. These can be translated skills from any experience you've had, so be creative!
Example:  Created courses for 2500+ Udemy members in digital marketing.

Marketing Accomplishments

What are your top 3 marketing accomplishments?

Now we're getting to the nitty gritty - what have you done with your digital marketing that'll really help the Student level up their skills? These should be different to your career accomplishments.

Tip: Using numerical or quantitative points here can really showcase the impact of your marketing efforts on the growth of your business!
Example: Turned an advertising budget of $1000 into $20,000 of revenue.

Your Skills

 Select your top 3 digital marketing skills

Here's where you indicate which areas of digital marketing you have the most experience in so that your Students know what they can learn from you! 

Tip: It helps if your skills overlap with what you're looking to work on within the Apprenticeship 😊

Apprenticeship's Tasks

What 3 things would you like your Apprentice to do?

What are you looking to work on within your Apprenticeship? You'll notice the options are the same as the digital marketing skills above. Any area that you choose should be an area of digital marketing that you have experience in so you can mentor your Student as they complete their tasks.

Tip: Having a variety of tasks that are related is the best way to offer as much experience as possible to a Student and create a manageable workload for both of you!

Business Website

Link your company website here. Note: If you don't have a website yet, you can link a social media profile instead!

Business Industry

Choose the industry that's most relevant to your Business. Students can filter their discovery feed by industry, so make sure you pick the industry that best represents your interests! If you don't find one that lines up with your company, reach out to our Support team and let us know 👇

Personal Interests

We all know the importance of building relationships with the people we work with! Having common interests can help bridge that gap and build trust with the Student you choose. Students are more likely to work with you if your interests overlap with some of theirs! 

Tip: Be honest about what you're interested in - that way when you find a Student who aligns with who you are, you'll have success!

Country & Time Zone

Select the red button and our platform will detect your location through your browser! This helps you match with Students based on country and time zone.


Fill out any education you'd like to share with potential Students! We know that formal education isn't the only way to gain experience and learn new skills, so feel free to use this section or leave it blank.


When searching for someone to work with, you can also filter by language to make sure communication goes smoothly! You can select up to three languages. If you speak a language that isn't on our list, reach out to our Support team and we can let our product team know 😊

Social Media Profiles

In the digital marketing space, your social media presence can be a great example of the work you've done with your marketing! Sharing your profiles helps potential Students get to know you and your business, and build trust in your company. 

You can either link your social media profile to your GenM profile, or paste a link to your account:

Check out some examples

We all like to make sure we're on the right track, and previewing a few strong profiles is a great way to see how you're stacking up! Here are a few examples for you:

You did it! Now it's time to find a Student. Feel free to check out our tips for effective chat messaging to help you get started 🙌

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